Our Aim

We aim to provide independent investment risk tools that are cost effective and easy to understand. Our unique tools help trustees, trust company directors and executives to fulfil their fiduciary duties, while maintaining an efficient competitive service.

About Independent Risk Reporting

Independent Risk Reporting (IRR) helps trustees to gather due diligence on investment providers - this is achieved through our unique and secure investment questionnaire.

IRR also provides portfolio monitoring services, which review the risk and performance of trust portfolios. These services provide comfort and understanding to you and your clients. They are also completely flexible - access them on a case-by-case basis or add them to your own services to form attractive packages.

Investment Questionnaire - a unique due-diligence tool

The questionnaire asks investment managers probing questions to evaluate the quality of their investment procedures, investment strategies and resulting performance. The questionnaire also reviews key areas of staff turnover, compliance procedures and strength of management. Answers are then amalgamated into an algorithm that compares different investment providers like-for-like.

Performance Monitoring - better decisions and added value

Portfolio monitoring uses cumulative performance, asset selection and risk indicators to measure an investment managerís ability to add value and meet trust investment objectives.

Performance monitoring cuts through industry jargon to provide trust professionals with a simple to understand one-page report that enables them to make efficient and informed decisions.

Secure & Confidential Secured with Rapid SSL

We take the security of your data seriously. Any information you provide to Independent Risk Reporting is completely confidential and all of our on-line systems adhere to strict industry-standard security measures. We also use SSL encryption to ensure all data transferred over the internet is 100% secure.

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